Mr Monty’s Art Emporium

Welcome to my feline inspired art emporium! I’m the proudest cat in the country because it’s stocked with beautiful work from UK painters, printmakers, sculptors, textile artists, ceramists and jewellers.

It really is the cats’ whiskers and full of lovely things you’ll want to get your paws on.

Each artist has interpreted the cat theme in their own style so you’ll find a very varied range of work. And everything features cats so how could it not be beautiful?

Owning a piece of original art is so much nicer than buying a run of the mill print that anyone else can have.

For a start there are several stories attached to each piece. There’s the artist’s story of course – how they came to make it and the materials they used. And  there’s the story of why you chose it and what it means to you.

One of the first pieces The Staff – Elaine and Graham bought, is by Linda Miller. They had just bought their first flat, had no money but had just got a gas bill for £150. That was exactly the cost of the embroidery called Sooty the Wonder Cat they saw and fell in love with in a gallery in Covent Garden.

Over coffee, they asked themselves if, thirty years on, they would remember the day they paid the gas bill or the day the bought Sooty.

Well, they’ve looked at Sooty every day since. And they didn’t get the gas cut off.

I hope you enjoy the work in my emporium. If you see anything you like please email Elaine or Graham to find out more or to arrange a viewing.