Elaine Mason – glass on glass

Through my company, glass on glass, I produce individual and vibrant pieces of kiln-formed glass at our workshop in rural Herefordshire.

I worked as a painter and mental health professional in Hereford for several years, and following my recovery from cancer in 2007, I knew that future life and work would look very different.

I discovered kiln-formed glass making in Crete in early 2008. Six months, a couple of intensive courses and a great deal of experiments later, ‘glass on glass’ was born!

My partner, Michael Farnsworth, joined the business full time in late 2010 bringing with him over 25 years’ retail and merchandising experience and a whole lot of support!

I continue to be the primary designer in the partnership, taking my inspiration comes from the natural world. My designs have an organic feel whether abstract or representational. Glass is not just another medium to convey ideas and colour – it has a depth, luminosity and clarity, which can be uplifting and joyful.

About cats
A cat is expresses its personality by the way it moves and holds itself and it’s a joy to try to reflect this in art. It’s demonstrated by our contrary cat who makes its point amongst its easy-going companions!