Graham Taylor

Graham Taylor
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I studied Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art and can honestly say it was the most transformative period of my life.

I met some very special people there and as far as education goes I learned about art, but more importantly I learned about myself and how to learn – a truly transformative gift.

I’ve taken the grounding I received there with me ever since and remain a curious, life long learner.

Art remains one of the most special and uplifting things I can imagine. Life is much richer when art plays a part.

More art means a better world.

I like cats for lots of reasons, most of them the usual and obvious ones: their independence, their grace and beauty, and their physical ability. Anyone watching a cat for more than a few seconds will see these things too.

What’s made me love them though is the two very special felines I’ve been fortunate enough to share my life with – Murphy and Monty.

I would never call them pets – that would be utterly impertinent.

These two special friends, with totally different characters, have given me insight into their magical world. In the process my world has become richer.

Complex and simple, bossy and giving, calculating and generous, creatures of contradiction and mystery.

Having close friendships in life is a joy.  Having close friendships with cats is a privilege that can only be bestowed upon you.

If it happens consider yourself a fortunate human indeed.