Grahams work

My work is always heavily influenced by process. No matter what I do. No matter my starting point. Process always plays a significant part.
Currently the activities of our CEO Monty, and the interesting possibilities suggested by the word CAT seem to be the driving process for most of my output.


This is one of a series of Quotable cats. Currently the only cat who really speaks to me is Monty, so the quotes are from him. In the future it may be possible that other cats also talk to me. Each piece begins as a simple plain piece of calico that I draw Monty on to. I carefully paint his markings and when I come to his face and eyes that’s when a piece works or is doesn’t. If it does then the quote becomes obvious. Sometimes I use recycled materials (Paul Smith shirts), when I do, Sir Paul can also have an influence on the final quote. Personally I think they make an inspiring team.

"You can burn books...

“You can burn books…



Framed book and lettering £45.00

Framed book and lettering £45.00