Jane Adams

IMG_2522I trained as a ceramicist in Derby then at Loughborough University following on with an MA in History of Ceramics.  I had a small gallery in Melbourne in Derbyshire before moving to Cornwall in 2006 to St Agnes Pottery.

Subsequently I bought the gallery in St Just, which became my home and has my studio in the garden.  I cannot imagine a better place to live and work, and make my stoneware animals here, using Crank stoneware clay and firing in 3 electric kilns.

Cats have been a passion of mine from an early age.  I was brought up thinking it was normal for the family cat to have its own place at the dinner table and that everyone did this…

I have always been owned by cats, from my first black stray through several Siamese, Burmese, Abyssinians, Turkish Vans, Devon Rex and rescue cats to the present day where I co-habit with Percy the Siamese, Baby the Sphynx, and Apollo and Ruby Tuesday the British Shorthairs.

I’m certain I’ve had a past life in Egypt – since there is no other explanation for the worship I feel for these beautiful beings. They are a constant inspiration for my work and the best waste of time I can think of.