Jill’s work

A collection of cat brooches

Five examples of porcelain cat brooches. Each lovingly hand painted. £26.00 each.
Jill is also happy to take commissions to create a miniature porcelain portrait of your beloved pet. Call us for details.


The minature cat family

The minature porcelain cat family. Each member of the family has been lovingly painted on to a porcelain plaque. The four have them been mounted and framed. The frame measures 19cm x 19cm. £80.00

Framed cat in the garde with bunting

A beautiful little framed porcelain cat in the garden underneath the summer bunting. Whimsical and heartwarming. 12cm x 12cm. £36.00


Cat by window

Cat by window. A framed porcelain tabby sitting by the window. 16cm x 12cm. £36.00

Tabby cat pendant

Tabby Cat Pendant. Keep this porcelain miniature close to your heart. £26.00. Jill can also create a bespoke miniature of your special pet. Contact us for details