Linda Miller

Linda Miller imageRich, colourful, naïve and humorous, my embroideries have a distinctive, unique style. They feature people and animals outdoors, usually depicted within a story, and always happy and smiling.

My one-off, framed and unframed machine embroideries are created at the Colour Factory Studios in Winchester, Hampshire, using an industrial Bernina 950 sewing machine. I embroider onto heavy weight cotton using a wide selection of viscose, cotton, silk and metallic threads.

I’ve exhibited successfully throughout the UK, Europe and the USA, and have work held in the Arts Council South East Collection and within the permanent textile and dress collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

My book – Creative Machine Embroidery – was published by A&C Black in 2010 and I appeared on Kirstie’s Handmade Britain in the autumn of 2011 on Channel 4.

All the people in my work always smile because mostly they are genuinely happy and content and busy being about their business.

My machine embroideries usually tell a story. However, it’s important to me that the viewer decides what’s going on within my work, and hopefully it makes them smile too.

About cats
 In recent years more animals have started to appear in my work, especially cats. I love the cheeky, serene nature of a cat.

They are such opportunists and have such an innocent demeanour if caught in any forbidden antics such as sitting on the dining table, stealing food from the kitchen work counter, walking with muddy paws on freshly laundered bed linen – the list is endless!

But to make up for such behaviour they show true love (even if it’s sometimes on their terms) with their lap sitting, companionship, purring with great contentment, appreciation at meal times, or sometimes complete disgust at the food offered to them. And they give the best meeting and greeting at the front door anyone could wish for.

I love and admire them for all of it, every time!





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