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Happy anniversary Cafrey!

Cafrey Cafrey is one of our lovely clients. He’s a beautiful elderly ginger gentleman with the loudest ever purrrr. He’s been with his regular staff, Adam and Lucy, for exactly one year now.

Adam and Lucy have a very successful blog called LDN Life, which they set up in 2013 to blog about life in London as they see it – particularly about food in the capital!  They have a team of London loving bloggers who write news, reviews and interviews for LDN Life.

The blog was Highly Commended at the UK Blog Awards for Food and Drink and has been shortlisted for the 2015 awards – so best of luck, I have all four paws crossed.

Adam very kindly gave my Fuss and Feed service a mention in his latest post which is all about Cafrey – huge thank you from me and The Staff.



Help us find Narla a forever home

Kingston upon Thames-20150309-02121

One of my clients is a beautiful tortoise shell called Narla who is nine years old. I haven’t met her – I don’t do the fuss and feeding myself of course – that’s what The Staff are for.

Anyway, The Staff have been looking after Narla recently and come back from each visit wearing their sad faces. Narla is being fostered at the moment and desperately needs a loving, very permanent home from which she won’t be uprooted.

The Staff are sad because it would appear that no one wants Narla. And I feel sad just writing it because I know how that feels. Felix and I spent long months with the RSPCA in Hillingdon because apparently, black and white cats aren’t popular! We were lucky in the end and I want Narla to be lucky as well because from what The Staff tell me, she really deserves to be.

She was very shy when they first started to visit her but she quickly got to trust and like them. Now she rubs up against their legs and purrs loudly as they prepare her meals. Then she enjoys cuddles with them as they sit with her in the bedroom where she likes to spend her time. And she loves being picked up and cuddled. She doesn’t go out very much so she is pretty stress-free.

She is being fostered by a lovely lady through a charity called the Hounslow Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) and here is her entry from their website:

“Narla is a real character - she’s not a lap cat, but she is affectionate and does like to be near her foster-mum.  She loves being picked up for cuddles, and will be quite vocal in requesting some TLC, rewarding you with the loudest purr when she gets attention!  However, she is generally very well-behaved and easy to look after.  Narla moved out to surburbia in June with her foster-mum and sister Orca, who has since been adopted; she is enjoying having a lovely big garden to sunbathe in but would really like to settle into a forever home now.  She does seem to be missing her sister, so would like some human (or possibly feline) company for at least some of the day, and would probably be okay with sensible older children. day, and would probably be okay with sensible older children.”

Here’s the link to the adoption page on the HAWS website – you’ll need to scroll down to find Narla

I’m desperately sad for Narla. It’s horrible to feel unwanted. Her foster human does a great job but Narla really needs somewhere she can call home.

I’m thinking that it might be because she’s older but that’s a good thing. She is nicely house trained, doesn’t wander off, doesn’t scratch furniture, and is a fabulous calm companion.

Please get in touch with HAWS by filling in their online adoption application  or email The Staff – or

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