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Rosemary I’ve just retired after a teaching career of 20 years in a local girls’ secondary school and have been looking for a new challenge but something at a slower pace to my previous hectic life.

I grew up with cats, and when I had my own family and settled in Surbiton, we adopted two kittens.

Sadly, the brother Archie, died as a young cat but Millie lived us for 14 years and grew up with my daughters.  In the last years of her life Millie was unhappy about going to a cattery so it was a huge relief when I found Graham and Elaine and we could go on holiday knowing she would be very happy in their care.

Millie VernonMy daughters loved reading Millie’s ‘report’ when they got home!

Since losing Millie I’ve thought about getting another cat as she was such good company and a lovely stress reliever after my busy day at work. But in the meantime my husband tested positive for an allergy to cats. So unless I get rid of my husband (tough choice!) sadly our household must remain cat free.

My hobbies include cycling and photography. The latter means I’m always behind the camera hence there is no picture of me and Millie but I have included a favourite one of her as a young cat.

So I’m really happy to have joined Team Monty as a fuss and feeder and delighted to enjoy the company of cats again for a little while in my day and give them the same care that my cat Millie enjoyed.