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I got a bit too curious a while ago (a long story that I’ll share another time).
As you can see I made it home. But on this special day of love I’d like to send out a big thank you to all of the people in the area who were kind enough to search for me.Big love to the area
Curious Monty  xxx


Humans think UK, Surrey, Surbiton, Berrylands, Tolworth area. Cats think gardens, hedges, sneaky spots, cool spaces, opportunities, sunny patches.


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fishponds 51.386663, -0.292953

Max distance

Not as some of you may be thinking short for maximum distance. No. Max distance is the furthest distance my neighbour Max could travel before being “found” and repatriated with his servants.MAx distance
In human terms it’s about a mile. For Max it was about three days.