Licks of approval

Freddie and Kuri-chan

Freddie and Kuri-chanElaine and Graham are simply marvellous. We have been using their service since 2015 and we wouldn’t know what to do without them. We would happily recommend them to anyone who has a cat.
In the past, our neighbour had kindly looked after our previous feline friends, but this arrangement was not always possible. A cattery was an obvious alternative, but – been there, done that – we really didn’t want to leave our new feline friends, Freddie and Kuri-chan, in a cattery. We had to think of an alternative solution.
We remembered seeing an advert of Mr Monty’s Fuss and Feed. We contacted Elaine and Graham, and they came to see us a few days later. They listened to us attentively (including occasional miaows) and explained their services thoroughly to us. Their professional approach was so reassuring that we felt we had made the right choice for our rascals even before we used their service.
Elaine and Graham look after Freddie and Kuri-chan so lovingly and caringly with lots of play, plenty of tummy tickles and cuddles. We receive updates every day by text with some beautiful photos, a lovely way of knowing that all is well at home. Upon our return, we are always greeted by very happy cats. And Elaine and Graham’s hilarious observation sheets always make us laugh.
A big thank you to Elaine and Graham, and Mr Monty for having trained his humans so well!

Aki and Guy & Freddie and Kuri-chan


LouisThank you Mr Monty for looking after Louis so well and giving me peace of mind when I go away!
Elaine and Graham are lovely people and love cats so much that I’m always 100% confident that Louis is being so well looked after by them with lots of attention, cuddles and play time. I love getting the daily text updates and photos and reading the detailed notes when I come home.
It’s also reassuring to know that when Louis has, on occasion, been unwell whilst I’m away they have taken him to the vets on my behalf, and are able to give him medication as needed.
I wouldn’t trust anyone else to look after Louis for me!



Jenson“I was very nervous about leaving for our first holiday as cat owners and couldn’t bear the idea of using a cattery, particularly having adopted a very nervous kitten Jenson and his brother Button from Cats Protection. Luckily we found Mr Monty’s Fuss and Feed and we haven’t looked back since. That was 3.5 years and several holidays and weekend breaks ago and we now consider Elaine, Graham and Monty part of our extended family. We use them twice a day every day when we are away and I love getting regular updates and commentary from them on how everyone is doing at home.
They’ve supported us through difficult times too when we sadly lost Button last year. They checked in on us regularly and were exceptionally kind during a really sad time for us all. They go above and beyond to make sure we can relax on holiday knowing Jenson is being well looked after.
They are true cat people who look after ours as though he is one of their own. This is not just a job for them, it’s a passion and I honestly don’t think we could have found better people to give Jenson the care and attention he deserves when we are away. Button
Above all Elaine and Graham’s kindness and generosity of nature make them great at what they do.”
Kim & Kevin

Lucy and Sergio

Lucy and SergioWe have been the very lucky clients of Graham and Elaine (and of course Monty!) for the past 2.5 years. By no coincidence, we’ve had our two Maine Coons – Lucy and Sergio – for the same amount of time. We knew as soon as we got them, we’d need someone special to care for them when we’re away. We just didn’t feel right putting them into a cattery for any period of time.
After doing a lot of research on forums and a recommendation from our vet we decided to meet Graham and Elaine. From the first visit we were impressed with how professional their business is (who even knew cat CPR was a thing?), and they wanted to truly understand exactly what our two need – no “one size fits all” here. We were even a little jealous about how Lucy and Sergio took to them immediately. Since then we’ve never had to worry, even when one of them may be ill, needs eye drops or medicine – it’s all taken care of. And importantly – Graham and Elaine know what’s normal or not for them so can quickly pick up if they’re behaving out of sorts, let us know, and take them to the vet if needed.
What to expect when you leave your cats in their care? We get daily Whatsapp messages with amusing updates and fun pictures (plus an updated daily diary with more details when we return). We know Lucy and Sergio are in good hands with people that genuinely enjoy spending time with them (our cats LOVE human company) and who know their behaviour. There’s also the added benefit of regular comings and goings at the house which means it looks occupied when we’re away, and Graham and Elaine treat our house with the same respect they’d treat their own. Overall – a worry-free holiday for us, a secure home, and most importantly – very, very happy cats!
For as long as Graham and Elaine will have us as clients, we will be just that and we know Lucy and Sergio agree.

Jacqui & James

Meme and Fleur

Meme and FleurHaving Graham and Elaine look after our girls has made a massive difference, I travel a lot with work and the girls were forever going to the cattery and coming back unhappy and stressed. Now using Mr Monty the girls are happy and actually really like having visitors in the house ( beforehand they were scared of their own shadow! ) now they are all over Graham and Elaine and probably prefer them to me!!! The fact that we are left with notes on how the girls were every day is also a nice touch as we know that they are being looked after well. We also get a daily Whatsapp which is always entertaining! I will always use the guys as the wellbeing of my girls is paramount.

Frank & Daniel

Fifi and Lola

Fifi & Lola‘ What can I say?  Elaine & Graham are cat connoisseurs…but they are more than just that..they are professional, caring and have a thorough knowledge of cat behaviour, They have even completed a course in Feline First Aid- most impressive.
From the first time I met them I could tell that my two girls Fifi & Lola would be in very good hands, and I was not disappointed.
I love the personal text messages & photographs keeping me up to date with the girls shenanigans and the light hearted daily diary puts a smile on my face.
So please Mr Monty don’t ever move away,  my girls are always happy to see you ( & your tummy tickles) & if they are happy  so am I.!’


Buster and Luna

Buster and Luna“My local vet recommended Monty’s Fuss and Feed to me as an alternative to using a cattery. I first reviewed the company website, which is really user friendly and very professional and then got in touch directly with Graham and Elaine who run the company.  Graham and Elaine kindly visited my house and explained they offer different services depending on your preference, so they will either pop in from between ten minutes to an hour a day.
Since then, Graham, Elaine and their colleague Richard have looked after my cats, Buster and Luna, on several occasions. The thing I particularly like is that they took the initiative to create a group WhatsApp chat so we can keep in touch when I’m away. They use this to send me live pictures, so I know the cats are happy and being looked after. They keep in touch and are available if/when I have questions.
They are very trustworthy and clearly love what they do. My cats are very happy being looked after by them and I would recommend them to anyone who wants their cats to be looked after whilst they’re away, allowing their pets the freedom to stay at home.”

Pickle and Nancy

Pickle & NancyWe are really happy with the service Elaine and Graham provide to us all. Our rescue cats Pickle and Nancy are very shy and nervous but have grown to trust Elaine and Graham and enjoy their visits! We receive updates after each visit by them, along with photos of “our girls”  so we always know they are happy and being cared for.
Beccy & Tom

Lily and Kramer

Lily and KramerWe have been very impressed with the level of attention and personal care offered by Mr Monty’s Fuss and Feed. Everything has been very well organised and is particularly focused upon the optimal health and well-being of our cats. The service is very flexible to the particular needs of our two cats, including Kramer’s frequent litter tray accidents!
Our cats were well looked after and Graham and Elaine ensured that we were kept informed of every aspect of our cat’s care, including lovely photos as the cats got used to interacting during visits. All in all it has been an excellent service which is extremely pet-focused and gave us peace of mind whilst we were away.
Lily and Kramer give two thumbs up! We will certainly be using Mr Monty’s again and would highly recommend Graham and Elaine to other cat lovers. They are very knowledgeable and care deeply about cats.
Lily and Kramer, on behalf of James and Markus

Coco and Poppy

Coco & Poppy

“We feel so lucky to have found Graham & Elaine. They are such lovely people – exceptionally kind, honest, caring and responsible and our two Siamese kittens adored them from day 1. We love the regular funny updates and photos while we’re away. It’s the biggest comfort knowing your furbabies are being genuinely loved and looked after in your absence – as well as your home. Sometimes I think the cats look forwards to our holidays more than us!”

Holly & Carolyn

Lily & Jasmine

Lily and JasminI have used Mr Monty’s since my two fur babies were 4 months old (the first time I had to leave them!) and they certainly live up to my (and my girls’) expectations and more.  I get loads of pictures showing them having a great time being fussed over and Elaine/Graham have always been very responsive to my needs as well as the cats.  Would recommend them to anyone – and trust them with my precious girls.


Tigga and Willow

TiggaGraham and Elaine have taken excellent care out our cats Tigga and Willow. Its such a comfort knowing they are in safe hands while we are away. We feel totally comfortable having Graham and Elaine in our home and we love the way they keep us up to date on how the cats are doing with texts and pictures. We would definitely recommend Graham and Elaine, a great 5 star service!

Paul & Claire

Honey and Stanley

We first employed the services of Mr Monty’s Fuss and Feed over two years ago. We were a little apprehensive when we first left Honey and Stanley in their care as we had previously relied on a Cattery to look after them, which necessarily does not involve people coming into your home while you are away.
The service provided by Monty is second to none. Graham and Elaine are clearly passionate about the wellbeing of our furry friends and have lots of love to share. It is so reassuring that Honey and Stanley are cared for twice a day while we are away and that time is spend feeding, grooming and playing with them. We know these things happen because we are sent photos of everyone enjoying themselves at home while we are away. This gives us real peace of mind and means that we can enjoy ourselves too. Particular care is given not only to Honey who is diabetic and requires insulin injections twice a day but also to Stanley and his incessant whims to be outside when he is inside and inside when he is outside.  It is of course a complete bonus that the house is also looked after in our absence and that lights are switched on and off, curtains are opened and closed and rubbish bins put out for collection.
We wholeheartedly recommend Monty to anyone who is looking for an utterly reliable, thoroughly professional, incredibly caring and reasonably-priced cat concierge service. We ask only that you don’t employ their services when we require them!
Rina & Nick



TillyWhilst apprehensive when using a cat feeding service for the first time, all reservations immediately disappeared on meeting Graham. My first impression reassured me that Graham (and Elaine) are not only doing this as their business but they absolutely, 100% care about their clients and their feline families.
When first introduced to ‘Tilly’, Graham ensured that he understood all of her needs, her fickle feeding habits and got to know her personality traits.
Whilst away we enjoy receiving daily/every other day updates, including photos, which reassures us no end that Tilly is ok. On our return home the ‘daily journal’ is always an entertaining read and the reception from Tilly is always one of excitement and being pleased to see us – no sulking or excessive moodiness.
We have used the services of Mr Monty’s Fuss & Feed for over 3 years and would not hesitate to recommend the service.


SoxiI recommend wholeheartedly Mr Monty for cat care. The service offered is excellent and totally reliable. I have been using it for over two years and go away knowing that Soxie is safe and happy in his  own home. Mr Monty make sure  they understand the needs of the owner and the cat  and take very comprehensive details. I always get a message or picture as to how Soxie is which is very reassuring . Soxie,like all cats, has his idiosyncrasies,notably around cat treats, and Mr Monty cheerfully adapt to his little ways.  Mr  Monty really care and it shows. If you want peace of  mind and the usual routine for your cat whilst you are absent this service is as good as it gets.

Sandy and Soxie


Katie“We found out about the service offered by Graham and Elaine through a recommendation from a friend. We were encouraged to see their enthusiasm and dedication to our cats well being, and they were meticulous in their preparation leading up to the first few visits. We have now left Katie in their hands many times and we can see she is relaxed and content via the regular WhatsApp updates that they send to us. We would recommend this service to anyone.”
David & Eliza


Scout IMG_5536

Thank you Mr Monty for inspiring your team to deliver such an amazing service. I really don’t know what I would do without Graham and Elaine, they have done so much for Scout and I. I was going away and didn’t want to put my little boy Scout into a cattery. The team came round to meet me and really wanted to understand the service I needed and most importantly Scout’s personality. Scout is very shy but immediately he felt so comfortable in their company. I knew instantly I was making the right decision trusting them with his care. I’m probably a slightly different client from most as the nature of my work takes me away a lot and we have worked together to create a weekly routine that works for Scout and Graham! I love coming home not only to such a happy cat but also to the hilarious notes I will find. They have been so flexible with me and if I need a visit last minute they are so accommodating. I get little reassuring texts when I’m away to tell me what is going on. Most recently we trialed Monty Cam to see if it was Scout or a different cat that was leaving me lots of beautifully arranged dead vermin! Sadly the camera does not lie and it was Scout but it was invaluable to give me peace of mind. I was then able to make some adjustments to stop the problem. If you are reading this or any of the other licks of approval please don’t hesitate to take advantage of their wonderful service. I have used this service for a year and a half and I couldn’t be happier but more importantly neither could Scout. Thank you for all you do.



Gertie    Gertie2 Mr Monty’s fuss and feed has been a life saver! We were very nervous at first as we had never used a cat sitter before, but when Elaine and Graham came over and introduced themselves we knew that Gertrude would be very well looked after. They spent lots of time getting to know us and more importantly – Gertie. It was important for us to feel that Gertie would be comfortable having visitors whilst we were away as she is a house cat and can be quite shy. But, from the daily log sheets Elaine and Graham completed during their visits, Gertie clearly grew to like them as much as she likes us! We didn’t need to think twice about contacting them again for more services, and again they were very flexible and met our requirements. We also love the approach Elaine and Graham use when contacting Gertie via Monty. Very, very sweet and funny! Thank you!!

Lucy and Tim Gina Gina During the last Christmas holiday, I needed someone to look after my Gina for a couple of weeks. I didn’t want to put her in a cattery because she had only recently arrived in Surbiton after a long journey from Italy, travelling through France, and was just getting used to her new home. I found a card for Mr Monty’s Fuss and feed in a café in Surbiton and arranged to meet Graham and Elaine. I was really impressed with their professionalism. While I was away, they kept me updated about Gina by text. I felt like I’d made the right choice for Gina and I would definitely recommend their service. I will contact them anytime I have to leave my Gina for a while. Stefania 

Florence and Nelson

Nelson and Florence Elaine and Graham have given us such freedom and peace of mind. It has meant the world to us, knowing we can go away for a night or a longer holiday and have someone we trust, and who our cats adore, to go into our home and keep them fed and happy in their own environment. We always return to two very happy cats and some rather amusing reading as we peruse the daily diary they keep for us. We would recommend them and their service to anyone and everyone who has a cat. And we know if Florence and Nelson could they would too! Gemma and Jonny

Piglet and Tigger and Ronnie the rat!

When we planned to go away for four days I didn’t want to put my cats in the cattery again as we had only recently been away and I didn’t think it was fair. I remembered the card that had been posted through my door for Mr Monty’s Fuss and Feed and thought I’d give them a try. Graham and Elaine arranged to come for a quick meeting to get to know me, Piglet and Tigger. I found their professionalism and enthusiasm totally reassuring. I also asked if they could feed my daughter’s rat – Ronnie – which didn’t seem to put them off! They assured me I’d be kept informed while I was away and I received short texts just to let me know everything was alright. The fact they were visiting my home twice a day made me feel confident that my house was safe. I also arranged for them to water my plants on one of the days. We came home to entertaining written reports about their visits, as well as happy pets with none of the resentment they clearly display when they are sent away from home. I was very pleased with this great service and will definitely be using them again. Shelley

 Pip, Dolly, and Jeffy








A big thank-you for looking after Pip, Dolly and Jeffy. They are always very happy when we return, no sulking or moodiness, which makes us feel not too bad for going and leaving them! It’s always nice to read the observation sheet – all very professional – excellent. We’re more than happy to recommend your services. Fiona and Nigel


Derek Elaine and Graham are the captains of the cat caring world. Not only does their service help the owners but our cat Derek loves the additional care and attention he receives. This is definitely a case of the full Monty! Dave  – Derek’s Dad

Daisy and Bo





Elaine and Graham do a superb job looking after our two cats while we are away – not only giving them all the fuss and food they need but also detailed handover notes and thoughtful touches such as leaving us some milk for our return. They treat our home with respect and it’s comforting to know that curtains are being drawn etc in our absence.  The cats are perfectly happy with their creature comforts around them, far better than having to use a cattery. I can highly recommend and will be using their services again! Claire    Bruce and Willis 





Thank you, Graham, Elaine and Monty!! Such a great service from beginning to end:  getting know our boys and their individual needs beforehand, lovely touches like texts to let us know how they were getting on, and the comprehensive feedback sheet on our return, is great. Our boys seem much happier than previous times when we had put them in kennels! Even our shy boy, Bruce, comes in for a fuss with you :) Kay


LeonardMy family and I used Mr Monty’s Fuss and Feed service over our recent summer holiday, and we are very happy to recommend Graham and Elaine’s business to the people of Surbiton! The duo behind Mr Monty are clearly passionate about cats and I knew Leonard was going to be in very safe hands from the outset. They work in close partnership with owners to ensure they cater to the whims of every cat they care for and we loved the daily information sheet they provided about Leonard and his adventures. They were more than happy to receive our calls to check up on Leonard and we were delighted to be sent photos of our kitten who clearly loved their company and all attention he was given. When it comes to caring for kittens and cats Graham and Elaine go above and beyond – we can’t recommend them highly enough! Amy 




Having dabbled with catteries, we were delighted to discover Mr Monty’s Fuss and Feed cat sitting service. Our cat Felix is such a home boy – it’s so great to be able to go away and know he’s being well cared for in his home environment. They follow his meal requirements and lavish him with cuddles and play – in fact as he shares his home with two little boys I think he rather enjoys the holiday too now! Elaine and Graham are lovely, trustworthy people and cat devotees. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a cat sitting service with a bit of a difference. Lyndsey Alfie and Archie

IMG_3575 So relieved I found Mr Monty and his Staff. Thank you so much for such a wonderful, reassuring, professional service. Would recommend it to anyone. Annie Crick and Watson I have never put my two cats into a cattery – I just cannot bear the thought! So I was very pleased when Graham and Elaine set up this business and I am utterly thrilled with the results! When they came to discuss my pets’ needs they went through things I hadn’t thought of like checking for any medication and whether they are likely to see the cats, what’s normal behaviour for them and what isn’t. I know when my cats have not been fed or looked after properly – I get the cold shoulder when I arrive home. But Crick and Watson are always very happy and waiting for me as usual when they’ve been looked after by Mr Monty’s Fuss and Feed. Indeed they have the audacity to look like they’ve had a much better time with Elaine and Graham than with me I had a full report of waiting for me on what was eaten, how long they had spent there, which cat(s) they had seen each day etc. I am so impressed not just by their clear love of all animals (which if you know G and E goes without saying – they are really quite pathetic on that front) but the total professionalism they have shown. I cannot imagine leaving my babies to anyone else but them now! So well done Monty for training them and getting them up to this incredibly high standard – your work is done! Jules