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A new home for Narla

Kingston upon Thames-20150309-02120I have some rather lovely news about one of my clients, Narla.

Some of you might remember that earlier in the year I used Facebook and Twitter to ask if anyone could help to find her a forever home.

Narla was up for adoption through the Houslow Animal Welfare Society (HAWS)  and was being fostered by a lovely lady called Melanie in Surbiton. Melanie had booked The Staff to fuss and feed Narla several times and we were determined to help find her a permanent home.

I tasked The Staff with talking about her at every opportunity but it seemed that no-one wanted to take on a 10 year puss – no matter how loving and gentle she might be.

Then along came Robin! He’d tried to contact me months ago but dopey Elaine hadn’t found his message (seriously, I sometimes wonder why I just don’t do everything myself). Robin contacted HAWS anyway to find out more.

At the time he had an elderly cat, Topaz who had lost her twin sister and thought Narla would be company for her. However he and the charity decided it wasn’t fair on either Topes or Narla.

Then two things happened. Sadly Topaz passed away and Elaine finally found Robin’s message and got in touch with him. (I made her apologise profusely).

Although he felt he could never go through the pain of losing another cat, he was please to hear Narla was still available for adoption. He got in touch with HAWS again and went round to meet her. She stole his heart there and then.

“I sat beside her, stroking her and she purred her heart out. How could I resist?” He signed the adoption papers and arranged to pick her up the following week when he could take a few days off work to keep her company as she settled into her new home.

“We’re a perfect match,” he laughs. “Getting on a bit, tubby and a little bit lazy – e-Harmony would love it!

“I live in a town house which has three floors, so Narla spent the first few days exploring, making herself at home and finding her paws. She’s already found a few places that she now owns. I think she’s gorgeous!”Huge thanks to Robin for giving Narla a permanent home and to Melanie for looking after her so well for the last 18 months.I hope you’ll be really happy together Robin!


Aaah. I love a happy ending. Mmm… think I’ve got something in my eye…



International Cat Care’s calendar – the purrrrrfect Christmas gift!


This time of year does seem to be particularly stressful for you humans for some reason. And present buying so let me make it a little easier. How about the stunning International Cat Care calendar?

Featuring 12 beautiful feline portraits it’s the purrrrfect gift for all the cat lovers in your life.

The calendar costs just £9.50 plus packing and postage, and all proceeds will help to fund International Cat Care’s (iCatCare) wonderful feline welfare work world-wide.

And here are 12 good reasons to buy it and support the charity…

1) International Cat Care is a charity whose mission is “to engage, educate and empower people throughout the world to improve the health and welfare of cats by sharing advice, training and passion”.

2) Their website is full of the most comprehensive, up-to-date, thoroughly researched information and advice.

3) The charity champions humane, non-surgical population control for street cats. They want a world where no more kittens are born to die on the streets.

4) The International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) is the charity’s veterinary wing – set up to help make sure vets have a better understanding of their feline patients’ needs.

5) International Cat Care’s Cat Friendly Vet Practice accreditation scheme aims to make visiting the vet a happier experience for cats.

6) They are working with insurance company Agria, and the Veterinary Poisons Information Service, on a new campaign – Keeping Cats Safe.

7) They run training events, conferences and webinars for vets, vet nurses, other cat professionals and owners, and international welfare experts.

8) iCatCare produces useful videos on things like giving a pill to trapping a feral – you can find them on YouTube.

9) They produce informative guides on looking after your cat and keeping them safe – keep an eye on the website for a new guide on caring for your kitten.

10) They do lots of valuable research including looking at how cats react to new babies. They’ve used the research to develop a guide for introducing your cat to the new arrival.

11) iCatCare’s team includes Dr Andy Sparkes, one of the country’s leading feline vets and Dr Sarah Ellis, the cat behaviourist from the BBC Cat Watch series.

12) International Cat Care works for all cats – owned and unowned. Their vision is for a world where cats are treated with understanding and compassion.

So there you go. Your cat loving family or friends get a beautiful calendar and you help this wonderful charity – what’s not to like?

Surbiton cat thief

The Staff have just had a very disturbing call from one of our Fuss and Feed clients.

She’s seen someone trying to coax her cat into a basket on three occasions now – in broad daylight. This morning she was able to go out and confront him. He ran off. He’s black and around 5’ 8” and has a cat basket with him.

Our clients live in Berrylands, Surbiton so if you are in the area, and have feline friends, please, please be extra vigilant. Please tell any of your friends who share their homes with cats too.

Our called the police who told her someone in Croydon is killing cats in the most horrific ways – they’re not sure if there’s a connection. Here’s the link to the story on SW

The Staff and I would be very grateful if you could spread the word and look out for this guy if you live in Surbiton.