Monthly Archives: May 2016

Meet Piers and his cat tattoo


IMG_7133This is Piers. He works in the Pickled Pantry café in Surbiton where The Staff seem to spend most of their time (and my profits) when they’re not tending to my clients.

Piers, who is from California, has a rather fabulous feline tattoo on one of his legs. But it’s much more than a great drawing – a lot of thought went into it and it has lots of meaning for him.

First off the tattoo is a copy of an illustration from a 1993 album by the Deftones called ‘(Like) Linus’. The Deftones are Piers’s favourite band and listening to their music inspired him to take up the bass guitar.


The kitten is yawning which reminds Piers that every day is a new day – a philosophy I definitely subscribe to!

Next up the drawing reminds him of his brother who he was reunited with after many years apart. Isn’t that lovely? My brother lives two doors away and I can see him anytime I like. It must have been so sad for them both not to be in touch, but wonderful when they met again for the first time.

And finally, Piers has a cat back in California, called Muse after the band.

The Staff would like to say a huge thank you to Piers for always giving them a warm welcome, for his permanently beaming smile, and for always remembering how they like their coffee!