Who we are

We love cats. We love their intelligent, curious natures; the affection they give only when we’ve earned it, and the way they take care of themselves too. Ever watched a cat stretch as it wakes up and before it moves? They can teach us so much.

Most cats we know like to have people around (even if they don’t show it!) So, as well as making sure we feed and water our furry clients, we stay to play with them or just sit and stroke them.

We live in Surbiton and cover a half-mile radius from our home (please see map). That’s just far enough to make sure each of our feline clients gets the time they need.

And of course we are fully insured.

Richard Williams









Richard is the newest addition to Team Monty.

We both worked with him in a previous life and know that he’s kind, caring, hard working and reliable. So, when we were looking for someone to help out during busy times, he was an obvious choice!

He’s cat uncle to Maurice, James, Phoebe and Ella, and moves into their house to care for them when the family is away. He has a dog called Doris but Monty has forgiven him.

It goes without saying that Richard is trained to Monty’s standards and has his lick of approval. And of course he’s fully insured too.