Surbiton cat thief

The Staff have just had a very disturbing call from one of our Fuss and Feed clients.

She’s seen someone trying to coax her cat into a basket on three occasions now – in broad daylight. This morning she was able to go out and confront him. He ran off. He’s black and around 5’ 8” and has a cat basket with him.

Our clients live in Berrylands, Surbiton so if you are in the area, and have feline friends, please, please be extra vigilant. Please tell any of your friends who share their homes with cats too.

Our called the police who told her someone in Croydon is killing cats in the most horrific ways – they’re not sure if there’s a connection. Here’s the link to the story on SW

The Staff and I would be very grateful if you could spread the word and look out for this guy if you live in Surbiton.